SOMA X Henrik Nero

In an exclusive photoshoot in the Småland forests, we invited the interior design and photographer Henrik Nero to interpret our outdoor furniture from SOMA. During this session, Henrik really get what he thinks is the best of the furniture, in his own personal way, through styling and photography.

The actual photography took place in our own factories where the SOMA furniture is actually manufactured. The founders and sisters Malin and Sofie are themselves from the small village and think it is important to keep the true feeling and hence the choice of location.

The work of SOMA furniture collections is based on close cooperation with SOMA’s product development team. Direct contact with production and manufacturing has given unique opportunities for dialogue, testing and evaluation. The result is a furniture series with outstanding quality and function.
“Letting Henrik Nero interpret SOMA felt as a matter of course to strengthen the place between inside and out, between modern and industrial. Henrik’s unique ability to find the little ones in the big attracted to a collaboration that showed amazing results. “

The design of SOMA ONE began in the search for the form, the pattern of lines and surfaces that would be distinguished for the series. Inspiration was derived from the human anatomy, body dimensions, and ergonomics of the sits. The challenge was to create a form that was as interesting as comfortable and stable.

“The characteristic T-beam is the result of a genuine interest in material and its properties. Through an exploratory approach we found solutions that not only delight the eye but also strengthen the design. How the bent sheet becomes basically unbreakable using the underlying stick. “

Studio DOMS, the designer of SOMA ONE, TWO and THREE, is an industry design agency focusing on expressive design for the public space. Studio DOMS was founded in 2010 and consists of David and Annica Doms.

The actual photography resulted in a unique mix of industrial feel and high end design. Something that is a bit of Henrik Nero’s trademark and is clearly reflected in the pictures.

The whole result of this experiment can be seen in the pictures below:

“I think it was fun putting their furniture in a different context to really highlight the design behind their products. At the same time, I think it’s fun to do something unexpected to actually lift their furniture intended for outdoor use, in an industrial environment using indoor styling products. It gives a little harder and cooler expression. “- Henrik Nero

“I feel like we took outdoor furniture to a new level with this. If not, I think So-Ma has done a great job when it comes to delivering high-quality design while being extremely durable. To actually make a whole piece of furniture in a texture and with this design, it feels like a new think in the public environment. “- Henrik Nero

“I look forward to seeing more of SOMA, not just new products, but actually seeing them applied

in future public environments.” – Henrik Nero