We are very proud that the international jury has nominated Skapa Design + SOMA winner of the RED DOT AWARD 2017 in the category of URBAN DESIGN.


SOMA went from idea to reality in spring 2016. We asked ourselves what was missing in todays market? High quality furniture for a fair price with good and thoughtful design, for the public spaces.

Hans Johansson, CEO of the company Alfing in Älmhult wanted a new challenge. The fact that he already runs a subcontracting company in the steel industry with more than 80 employees. In addition to subcontracting he already had two proprietary products Alfing Comfort seats and Terri forest machines, bit that was not enough. He wanted to produce and sell his own products, without intermediaries, made and shipped directly from the factory in the heart of Småland.

His entrepreneurship took off November 5, 1993 when he and his wife Kerstin bought Alfing. After a slow start the company took off after investing heavily in equipment, premises and staff. Alfing currently has 11,500 m2 workspace with more than 80 employees and still growing. Once the SOMA business concept began to grow the name was an easy decision. His two daughters were the inspiration for the company’s future, Sofie and Malin.

“Me and my sister were 2 and 4 years old when the company became a part of our lives. Time spent with Dad meant time at the company, which we loved. Hand trucks became kick bikes, pallets became hiding places and pieces of metal were turned into magical inventions. One time we packed bags of screws for a penny, and pretended to have a break in order to get hot chocolate from the vending machine. Perhaps not surprisingly, we both started our summer jobs within the four walls. Brought up with a mentality that nothing in life comes for free, we didn’t just inherit the surname but also our fathers huge work ethic.

Today, 23 years later, we started producing furniture with thoughtful, genuine design. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products at a fair price with unique design. We have the products in our blood. Our history and origin is the core of the company, which we are very proud of.


The product line is designed for delivery in flat packages, which enables efficient transport and saves the environment from unnecessary emissions. The carriage bolts that hold the structure together has been beautifully integrated as a detail in the design.

The design language is graphically expressive with distinctive lines and striking details. The similarity with the classic T-bar brings back lost industrial constructions. Lines and proportions are consistent through all products which creates a design unity throughout the product line.

SOMA ONE comes in a standard color palette of eight colors, specially designed to reflect SOMAs Swedish heritage.

SOMA ONE is a series of furniture designed for public spaces, with a focus on both inside and outside environments: malls, atriums, stadiums, railway stations, bus stops and parks.

Function and quality have been the focus of the product development and SOMA One is both robust and solid.

The product line is characterised through its high production quality with hidden weld seams and smooth transitions. A result of the inhouse quality control throughout all stages of the production process.

SOMA One is designed to fit the human anatomy, armrests not only offer comfort, but additional support for those are about to sit down or get up.


SOMAS TWO furniture serie is graphically expressive with distinct lines. It is designed with focus on environment such as; public spaces, atriums and parks. SOMA TWO can be configured in three variants like hexagon or triangle and as a classic long table. The variants can be equipped with a parasol bracket. SOMA TWO can easily be adapted to enable access by wheelchair, walker or mobility scooter.

Function and quality have been in focus throughout the product development process and the products are both robust and solid. SOMA TWO is designed for the harsh demands in the outdoor environment.

SOMA TWO is available in different materials depending on application. Seat and table top can be delivered in extra long life solid wood or highly durable WPC (Wood polymer composite). All steel details are galvanized and powder coated in textured paint to achieve maximum resistance to all weather condition.

SOMA TWO comes in a standard color palette of eight colors, specially designed to reflect SOMAs Swedish heritage.


SOMAS THREE is designed for public spaces, with a focus on the environment between inside and outside such as; atriums, railway stations, bus stops.
The furniture offers a temporary work space and the possibility of charging computer and cellphone.
The design is graphically expressive with distinct lines. Function and quality have been in focus during the product development and the products are both
robust and solid.

SOMA THREE can be equipped with electrical installation. All parts are galvanized and powder coated in textured paint to achieve maximum resistance to all weather conditions.The seating is equipped either with a durable upholstery for indoor use or alternatively with a molded PUR plastic seat cushion for outdoor use.

SOMA THREE comes in a standard color palette of eight colors, specially designed to reflect SOMAs Swedish heritage.


SOMA ONE is developed in close collaboration with SOMAs product development team. Direct contact with production and manufacturing has provided unique opportunities for dialogue, testing and evaluation. The end result is a product line with outstanding quality and function.

Design of SOMA One began through searching for the figure, pattern of lines and surfaces that would become characteristic for the product line. Inspiration came from the human anatomy, body dimensions and seating ergonomics. The challenge was to create a shape that was interesting but comfortable and sturdy.

“The characteristic T-beam is the result of a genuine interest in material and its properties. Through an exploratory approach, we found solutions that not only pleases the eye, but also strengthens the structure. How the bent steel becomes virtually unbreakable through the underlying structure.”

SKAPA is an industrial design studio with a focus on expressive design for public spaces. SKAPA was founded in 2010 and is currently working in strategy, design, furniture design, product design and exhibition design. SKAPA has been awarded numerous awards including the Red Dot Design Award, Design S, Good Design Award and the German Design Award.

For more information, please visit: skapadesignstudio.se

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The product line is functionally designed with inspiration from the human anatomy. Distinct graphic lines create an expressive and flexible design that call for interaction. The product components are made of Swedish steel and are related to classic carriage bolts beautifully integrated as an enriching detail in the design. Seamless welding and fine structure surfaces highlight the production quality and craftsmanship, reminiscent of old bicycles.

SOMA One is manufactured in Småland (Swedish production) by using Swedish steel. The steel is galvanized and powder coated for long lasting durability in outdoor environments (resistant to all weather conditions).
— Easy to install
— 100% Recyclable

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